An example generated with the code from the Voxel Terrain Tutorial

Unreal Engine 4 Voxel Terrain Tutorial Series

An ongoing Unreal Engine 4 voxel terrain tutorial using PolyVox and the Accidental Noise Library. With everything from generation to realtime modification.

What is the Voxel Terrain Tutorial?

This is an ongoing voxel terrain tutorial series written for Unreal Engine 4, using the freely available libraries PolyVox and Accidental Noise Library. It will cover everything starting from generating the terrain all the way up to multithreaded generation of “infinite” worlds. This project will be updated with new parts when I have the time to write them. You can find a list of available parts below, with a list of upcoming parts just below that.

Available Parts:

Part 1: Getting Setup
Part 2: Generating The Voxels
Part 2.5: Testing Generation Using The PolyVox Examples
Part 3: Rendering The Terrain
Part 4: Texturing The Terrain
Part 4.5: Upgrading To 4.12
Part 5: Using Multiple Voxel Materials

Coming Soon:

Part 5.5: Exploring The Terrain Generator (The code for this part is available on the Project Github page, find it below!)
Part 6: “Infinite” Terrain Generation
Part 7: Multithreading, AKA “Send Help My Game Is Frozen”

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For everyone who has been asking: This series is still alive, however, I have been extremely busy for the last few months and have been focusing on other projects! Releases will be slow, but I’d like to get the next batch of tutorials out sometime in January or February of 2017. As always, I hope that the currently available parts will help you, and please contact me if you have any questions related to this series! I might not be able to respond right away, but if you need advice on how to proceed I’ll make sure I respond as soon as I can.

Have a suggestion for a new part, noticed something wrong with the tutorial, or just want to say thanks? Post a comment below! I make sure to read every comment you post!

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  1. I’ve followed the first two parts. Even for a C++ newbie like me it seems everything has worked fine (no unsolved compiling errors so far).

    You’re doing really a great job 😉

  2. Hello! This is awesome and exactly what I have been looking for. But, I was wondering if you are still activity working on this project? When do you think the next step of the tutorial will be coming out? Let me know! Because I am mainly interested in learning how to creating infinite worlds and using marching cubes to create a smooth look. Since you said that you are working on adding all of those things into your tutorial series I was wondering when you think those will be posted on here? Please let me know!! Great work so far! 🙂

    1. Hey! I’ve been rather busy for the last few weeks so I haven’t had time to work on much of anything, but I’m pretty much completely free for the next two weeks. That means I’ll be getting some work done on the tutorial series, so hopefully you’ll be seeing something soon.

  3. Hi,I have a problem with this tutorial. I’ve done the first part, compile my project, but i can’t include the “PolyVox/PagedVolume.h” , i check the PolyVox which i clone from gitbucket, there is no include directory, i clone the exact same branch f4c4bf9, i searched all the files in PolyVox, i can’t find PagedVolume.h ,Please help

    1. That is very odd! The first thing that comes to mind is that you might not be on the develop branch, could you check again and make sure? If you still can’t see it then I’ll see if I can figure something out for you.

    2. Try this

      deleting the Binaries/ and Intermediate/ directories

      right-clicking my .uproject and selecting “Generate Visual Studio Files”

      in Visual Studio, right-clicking my project in the Solution Explorer and selecting “Rebuild” with the Development Editor configuration

  4. This series is incredible, having just found it it’s still working on 4.16 (as far as I have gotten) its a shame it’s not gotten to the infinite bit. Would love more!!

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