Who Am I?

I am an independent game developer, member of the Particlestorm Productions developer group, and lead developer of the Diaspora Gaming Community. I’ve been working on several long term game projects and I love to spin off smaller projects along the way. Although most of those smaller projects never see the light of the internet they provide a lot of inspiration for the larger ones. I’m almost always working on something I find interesting and I love to occasionally share some of my work.

I thoroughly enjoy basically every aspect of game creation, and I’ve spent a very large portion of the last 8 years learning different tools, programming languages, and ways of thinking. During the time I’ve been learning all of these things I’ve started a lot of small projects and also taken a whack at some more ambitious ones, such as Frontline Pacific and Darkskies, both of which are not currently in development as the other developers are all rather busy people.

Right now my primary project is based on the Spacebuild gamemode from the game Garry’s Mod. A large portion of my experience as a developer for the Diaspora Community has been dedicated to modifying and creating new content for the Spacebuild 3 gamemode, and for the short time that it was in development I was also a member of the Spacebuild 4 Development Team. Having been working with the gamemode for a long time now, and also having wanted to make something based on it for just as long, I finally felt that it was time to take what I’ve learned and make something from it. Right now I’m the only person working on this project, however, at least in part because of that I also intend to make sure I finish this one and deliver it.