Fira Sans Font – Apparently Not For Everyone

So yesterday I found out that a couple of people were having some great issues with displaying the fonts on my website. It turns out that for some reason the fonts were being corrupted when they tried to download them from Google’s server. After messing around trying to figure out why it wasn’t working for a couple of hours I finally gave in and just switched fonts, which I wanted to avoid because I really liked how Fira Sans looked.

I think the new font looks pretty similar, but something about it feels off to me. In the future I might try to figure out the problem with the particular font I was using before again, because it looked quite nice in my opinion. If anyone knows what might have caused the problem, or has experienced it themselves let me know below so I can try to gather more information about it.

On the topic of the website though, I am still working on filling out project pages and changing how things look slightly. Besides the font change, I also disabled infini-scrolling because it had a 50/50 chance of just breaking the blog and projects pages. On the homepage I added a Recent Posts section, and cleaned up the brief introduction of my self and the website with some links and line breaks to break up the visuals and make it easier to read. If anyone has any suggestions or things they dislike then please let me know, if I feel the same I’ll probably give changing it a try.

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